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The Original Shell-On Rock Lobster sourced directly from the exclusive region of Tristan Da Cunha.

Tristan Rock Lobsters are hand-selected for their outstanding quality, featuring succulent medium-firm flesh that folds effortlessly into your dishes. You'll be enchanted by the rich, buttery texture that melds seamlessly with the sweet, pristine flavour, creating an unforgettable, delicious culinary experience. 

Responsibly and sustainably sourced, Tristan Rock Lobsters meet the stringent requirements for optimal quality and freshness. These crustaceans hail from the tropical waters surrounding the remote Tristan da Cunha archipelago, situated over 1500 miles west of Cape Town in the South-East Atlantic Ocean. Recognised as the world's most remote inhabited archipelago, the unique marine ecosystem of Tristan da Cunha is home exclusively to this particular breed of Rock Lobsters. 

Tristan Da Cuhnan Rock Lobsters revel in the rocky coastline niches and dive to a depth of 200m, making them a rare catch. These are responsibly harvested lobsters using efficiently designed pots and traps, safeguarding the environment while providing MSC-certified sustainable seafood. Post-capture, the lobsters undergo a 24-hour purification process in freshwater, ensuring you receive a product of unparalleled quality.

Origin: Tristan Da Cunha

Net: 1kg - 6 x 160g± Tails 

StorageKeep frozen -18°C 

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