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Arnaud Tauzin’s family has farmed poultry since the 19th century in St. Sever, in the south of Les Landes in South West France. The farm is set in an area of hills, prairie land and maize fields - it is a region widely lauded for its superior poultry. 

He raises poulardes, poulette and guinea fowl, all of which are corn fed on maize, grown on his own farm. He produces a product specification that is far higher than nearly all equivalent Label Rouge birds.

The birds that he breeds are ‘Counu’ (or Cou-Nu) which are a ‘naked neck’ a breed of birds which have their roots in Africa and are now traditional of the Landes area.

They’re extremely hardy, which is great as it gets extremely hot in summertime. They spend nearly all of their lives living outside. These are slow growth birds - which means they produce succulent but firm meat and are full of flavour.

For their final five weeks, they are finished on a diet of whole maize (grown on their own farm) and milk which, similar to a capon, develops a layer of fat between the skin and the flesh (as well as delicious marbling). This diet contains ‘slow sugars’ which readily turn to fat (as well as giving the skin a great colour). In cooking this allows a really crusty skin with a succulent flesh.

The bird that’s produced at the end of this process is a perfect roasting bird and is a feature of 'The Ultimate Roast Chicken Menu' from the supremely talented  3 star Michelin chef, 'Hélène Darroze' at The Connaught 

Origin: France 

Net: 1.4kg±

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