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Ōra King isn't your average salmon. Also known as Chinook salmon, it is the largest of the salmon species. It differs from the common Atlantic salmon by its higher percentage of omega-3 oil, which can be seen in the striking marbled fat lines within the bright orange soft, delicate flesh. 

Each succulent fillet offers a rich, buttery texture and full-bodied taste experience. Thin, marbled fat lines within the vibrant orange flesh set it apart, delivering a symphony of flavours that delight the palate.

The producers at Ōra King have complete control over the incredibly complex and intricate breeding process of King Salmon. Only the highest quality salmon are hand-selected by a master grader and branded Ōra King. These unique salmon are individually numbered for traceability, hence comparing Ōra King to salmon as Wagyu to beef. 

Distinct from any other King salmon found in New Zealand or the world, Ōra king salmon is bred in pure spring waters and raised sustainably in the pristine, fast-flowing sea waters of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand.  This process of freshwater to saltwater emulates the species' life cycle in the wild.  They are kept at extremely low population density, only 2% fish to 98% water, ensuring a healthy environment and free movement. 

Origin: New Zealand

Net: 1 x 1.3kg± Whole Fillet Skin-on

StorageKeep frozen at -18°C 

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C 

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