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SEASON: February - June

Morels are unique with their meaty texture and earthy, nutty flavour and are one of the most desired wild mushrooms in the world.

They are not farmed like most mushrooms but gathered in the wild. The part that we eat is the fruiting body of the underground organism called mycelium, which has a complex symbiotic relationship with trees. Every spring, mushroom enthusiasts, foraging chefs, and an ever-growing group of commercial harvesters hunt these little forest treasures. 

Our fresh Morels are hand selected for quality and freshness. Due to their natural growing habitat, they will contain loose soil and grit. The best way to prepare them is to fill a bowl with cold water, toss the mushrooms in batches and agitate them in the water for a few seconds. Lift them out of the water and repeat the process 2-3 times, working quickly until the water is clear.

Origin: France

Net: 1kg

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