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SEASON:  French Ceps Halves  September - November

Extra Quality - Hand Selected

Cep Mushrooms, or 'Porcini' in Italy, are the most highly prized Autumnal mushrooms.  Known to many as the king of mushrooms and arguably the most popular edible wild mushroom, they are commercially picked throughout Europe, America and some parts of Southern Africa. 

A handful of delicious species in the Boletus family are edible. Each species varies in flavour but has that unmistakable porcini flavour. The summer cep (Reticulatus & Aureus) are the first to arrive in the early summer months, followed by Edulis and Pinophilus later in the summer, which continue to fruit deep into the autumn months. 

Cep can be eaten cooked or raw. The young firm Bouchon Cep is often shaved raw onto starters in Italian cuisine. However, the real flavour comes out when you cook the more mature mushrooms. Ceps are best sliced and fried in olive oil until golden, finishing with a touch of butter and slivers of fresh garlic. Chopped fresh parsley can also be added. 

Please Note: All care is taken to offer ceps in perfect condition. In some cases, during transit, the caps are released from the stems. We sell fresh Ceps cut into halves, as this is the only way to guarantee that the mushrooms are in excellent internal condition.

Net: 1kg (Graded Cep Halves)

Origin: France

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