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Created in Jabugo in southwest Spain, the birthplace of acorn-fed Iberian ham., a Cinco Jotas ham is exceptional in every way. Each ham is unique and results from 4 or 5 years of maturation in the Jabugo curing cellars.

Create your magnificent masterpiece, sculpt your very own ham, and impress everyone with your talents on display together with the most exclusive ham in the world.

A unique ritual that has been passed on from generation to generation.

A Cinco Jotas acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham can be appreciated using all the senses: the warmth of the ham when holding it in your hands, the succulent, smooth texture in your mouth, the herbal aromas that combine nutty acorns with natural herbs.

Acorn flavour, toasted hazelnuts and wildflowers. Soft, juicy and unctuous.

The maza (rounded side of the ham) is the most attractive area of the ham and the easiest to cut. The slices have an attractive intense reddish colour due to the intense muscular infiltration. This is the sweetest and juiciest piece of meat.

The other side of the ham, the contramaza, is fibrous and tasty and contains the least fat. Here the ham has a dark red mahogany colour and is the most cured.

The tip of the ham at the opposite end of the hoof, la punta, can be cut into cubes or slices and distinguished by its juiciness and strong flavour.

The tarsal joints or hock, jarrete, is a surprisingly juicy and easy area to enjoy, despite its fibrous texture. Dicing the meat is very easy at home.

It is normal and a good curation for the ham to have a mould layer.  The mould layer appears naturally during the curing process to stabilise the fats of the Jamón.  The bacteria or yeasts in this mould favour more natural and healthy curing of the ham, giving it its characteristic aroma of cured products.  It is similar to that found on aged cheeses and salami and is generally superficial, so does not affect the ham below the surface.  It does not contain any element harmful to health and, once removed, will reveal a beautiful and delicious whole Jamón.  The recommended way to remove the mould is using a clean cloth (one that doesn't shed fibres) impregnated with light olive or sunflower oil.  

Origin: Spain

Ingredients: Ibérico Pork, Sea Salt, Antioxidant, Acidity Regulator and preservative, Gluten-free.

Net: 5-6kg
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